The Sims 5: Here’s A First Look At The Upcoming Game’s Neighborhoods And Animations

Though June’s Behind The Sims stream might have been focused on the The Sims 4’s upcoming Horse Ranch expansion, the team surprised fans with a short segment dedicated to the next entry in The Sims franchise, Project Rene. Revealed late last year, Project Rene is EA’s attempt at “renewing” of The Sims franchise and marks the series’ fifth mainline entry, leading many fans to simply call it The Sims 5.

Whereas the game’s initial reveal focused on highlighting concepts the team was looking to integrate into The Sims franchise–such as seamless cross-play between PC and mobile–the Behind The Sims stream showcased several prototype scenes and offered more information regarding the game’s lighting, animations, hair customization, and socialization.

In regards to lighting, the team stated it is currently working on exploring “new lighting technologies that will allow us to create highly customizable spaces and let players tell emotionally resonant stories that will look great on your computer and on your phone,” but didn’t confirm exactly what that entailed. However, it did share a short video depicting the game’s day-and-night cycle, as well as a few images depicting interior lighting.

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