Final Fantasy 16: S-Rank Hunt Locations – Where To Find Svarog, Atlas, Gorgimera, And More

The Hunt Board is one of the more interesting pieces of side content in Final Fantasy XVI, offering optional boss fights that reward you with rare materials, tons of XP and ability points, and a hearty challenge. Each boss’ general location is mentioned on the Hunt Board listing except for the S-Rank targets. They’re the toughest fights of the bunch and require a bit of deduction and exploration to find since their description only hints at where you can find them–unless you’re using our FFXVI S-Rank Hunt locations guide here.

Below, you’ll find screenshots of the in-game map for where each of the five S-Rank Hunt bosses is located. We also included text descriptions on how to get to them in case you have trouble finding them on foot. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on how to get a Chocobo mount and how to expand your potion inventory.

S-Rank Hunts in Final Fantasy 16


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Atlas is the first S-Rank boss listed on the Hunt Board and it’s a beast of The Fallen equipped with a laser sword, booster jets, and area-of-effect spells raining from the sky. You’ll find Atlas in the Imperial Province of Rosaria in a circular field in the east in a subregion called Cressida. Fast travel to the Martha’s Rest obelisk and leave through the northern exit, then work your way eastward through the swamps and past mobs of normal enemies. Make sure you’re prepared for this fight because it can be a pain trekking back to the location if you die.

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