Silent Hill 2 Remake Studio Says It’s Done Making “Walking Sim” Horror Games

Bloober Team, the Polish studio famous for games such as Layers of Fear, The Medium, and the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, said it will no longer make the sort of psychological “walking simulator” horror games it’s largely focused on to date. Instead, the studio will shift into “mass-market horror,” which presumably means games with more combat and gameplay mechanics than its past works.

Speaking to Engadget, studio co-founder Piotr Babieno said the team is moving into what is internally referred to as “Bloober Team 3.0,” with the recent reimagined Layers of Fear (2023) marking the end of Bloober Team 2.0, which itself began with 2016’s Layers of Fear.

“We focused on the story, we focused on the mood, we focused on the quality of graphics and music, but we didn’t put a lot of attention on the gameplay mechanics,” Babieno told the outlet. “It wasn’t our target. But we decided that there was a ceiling that we couldn’t break if we did not deliver something fresh, something new.”

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