Synapse – a pure power fantasy that epitomises everything great about virtual reality

It starts with a squeeze of the trigger and a flick of my left wrist. Where once stood an enemy, gun raised and pointed in my direction, there’s now an empty space. Looking up I follow the body as it arcs through the air, and there I catch it with my telekinesis powers and slam it into the ground below where it smashes into digital shards on jagged, monochromatic rocks.

Spotting a group of enemies hiding behind cover I reach out with my telekinetic powers and use them to lift an explosive barrel into position above their heads. Then, with a simple clench of my fist, the barrel explodes sending rocks and bodies flying in all directions.

Later, while holding an SMG in my right hand, I use my psychic powers to snatch a flying Sentinel enemy out of the air and pin it to the floor before peppering its body with bullets until it explodes and melts away.

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