We’re letting you try a month of being a Eurogamer Supporter for free

I’ve got good news! We’re letting everyone have a month of being a Eurogamer Supporter for free. Think of it as a free trial, if you like. And it can start today, if you want it to.

We’re doing it because we want to show off what we offer. We want you to experience the site without adverts and all that peaceful white space you’ll suddenly see. We want you to read Emma’s memorable adventures she writes each month for supporters (and there’s a new one arriving today). We want you to get involved in the weekly discussions around Five of the Best, and to snuggle up for Donlan’s weekly thoughts in Game of the Week, which are usually about much more than the game of the week itself.

You’ll also be able to listen to the Inside Eurogamer podcast, which is a new monthly show for subs. There have only been a couple of episodes but the first one – the one where we hear from new editor-in-chief Tom Phillips about his vision for Eurogamer going forward, and about why we moved to a five-star rating system – will probably be of interest to you.

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