Xbox Game Pass Has Been “Nothing But Positive,” Despite Sony Boss’s Claims, Dev Say

There are developers out there who like Xbox Game Pass, even if the head honcho at PlayStation says otherwise. Case in point: Miles Jacobson, who oversees the Football Manager franchise at Sports Interactive, spoke out in favor of Microsoft’s subscription service.

Eurogamer asked the studio head at Sports Interactive about PlayStation president Jim Ryan’s assertion that other publishers dislike Xbox Game Pass. “Every studio is going to have different opinions on this, and different studios will have different data, because different games work well in different situations,” Jacobson said. “For us, it’s nothing but positive on all three platforms.”

Jacobson added that as a Sega-owned studio, they “run quite a tight ship.” So Sports Interactive doesn’t “tend to do deals that are bad for any parts of the business.” For those curious, Football Manager 2023 became a part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup in November.

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