Canada says it’s “continuing to monitor” Activision deal as Microsoft claims “all but one” regulator onboard

While Microsoft argues with the Federal Trade Commission in the US over its proposed $69bn acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Canada moved to refute the Xbox maker’s claims that, the FTC excluded, “all but one” regulator around the world is onboard with its deal – noting that Canada is still ‘monitoring the transaction’.

As reported by The Verge, Canada’s Competition Bureau has written to Judge Corley, who is currently presiding over the FTC’s Activision Blizzard case in the US, to correct certain “factual inaccuracies” in Microsoft’s court filings.

Microsoft had told the court that “every single worldwide regulator that has examined the deal other than the FTC has rejected” the theory it would remove Call of Duty from PlayStation should the acquisition go through, and that all regulators agreed “withholding COD from Sony would be unprofitable and is thus not a serious concern.” It also claimed “all but one foreign regulator” (namely the UK’s CMA) had cleared the transaction.

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