The Legend of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie – a heartfelt conclusion that signals new beginnings

Returning to Crossbell and Erebonia left me surprisingly sentimental. Only three years have passed since my introduction to Nihon Falcom’s RPG series, but Trails Into Reverie still feels pleasantly nostalgic, retreading familiar ground with a new high-stakes plot that provides critical reflection. After an incredibly long journey, Reverie calls time on Class VII and the Special Support Section’s arcs while moving towards a new beginning.

Set five months after Cold Steel IV, a renewed struggle for Crossbell’s independence kicks off this latest conflict with wide-reaching consequences. Split across three routes, you jump between the Crossbell police department’s Special Support Section led by Lloyd Bannings, Class VII from Thors Military Academy, and the mysterious ‘C.’ Over-the-top action complements a compelling story even though Crossbell’s plight feels overly drawn out. Still, some surprising twists redeem this.

Where Reverie shines is through its characters, and each route brings fresh perspectives to their actions. Rean, the man publicly revered as a war hero by Erebonia, finds his role scrutinised after being used as a nationalist icon. The SSS, long idealized as “heroes” by the Crossbell public, suddenly face the reality that such expectations have placed upon them. C’s route is hard to discuss without spoilers, but I enjoyed this redemptive tale. Two wars and imperial occupation have left some deep scars, leading to an intriguing re-examination of prior events.

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