Is A Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard Good For Gaming? Cherry KW X ULP Review

Cherry is well-known as a pioneer in the keyboard space for its widely adopted mechanical switches. If you’ve dabbled in the realm of high-performance keyboards, whether it be for professional use or competitive gaming, you’ve heard of (and probably used) Cherry MX switches. And you may be well-versed in the distinction between the clicky, tactical MX Blues and the smooth, linear MX Reds (and the several variations in between). While the company hasn’t historically dealt in keyboards itself as deeply as other peripheral manufacturers such as Logitech, Razer, Corsair, and the like, it does have a select few high-end keyboards.

The latest Cherry put out is the low-profile KW X ULP , and I’ve been fascinated by the prospect of an ultra-slim, ultra-light mechanical keyboard that still uses the full-sized 104-key layout, but is it suited for gaming?

The Cherry KW X ULP ultra-slim mechanical keyboard.
The Cherry KW X ULP ultra-slim mechanical keyboard.

The short answer is: not entirely. It comes down to the overall feel of Cherry’s proprietary MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical switches. They’re much more responsive than a standard membrane design or a slim Apple keyboard since they offer a consistent and responsive keystroke with solid tactility. But my main issue is with how these mechanical switches bounce back–they feel somewhat squishy after a keystroke, as if the keys sink into the board itself. It’s like the keys stick to the bottom just a bit too much before coming back up, and in the context of both competitive gaming and high-speed typing, it can hinder your ability to hit your skill ceiling.

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