New Steam Deck Accessory Will Help You Get A Comfortable Grip On The Device

Since its release in 2022, the Steam Deck has emerged as one of the best platforms for gaming on the go, but it’s not exactly the most comfortable system to grip your hands around for long sessions. Satisfye is aiming to change that with its new Stylthgrip, an add-on that wraps your steam Deck in a protective shroud that comes with more ergonomic hand grips.

These are essentially more in line with the shapes that you’d find on an Xbox wireless controller or PlayStation DualSense–grips that can nestle inside of your hand more securely. Satisfye has also developed this add-on with materials that should prevent any unfortunate slips from sweaty palms–we get it, Lego Star Wars is intense–and an ABS backplate adds another layer of security.

The StylthGrip for the Steam Deck.
The StylthGrip for the Steam Deck.

The good news is that even with this thick-yet-flexible shell on your Steam Deck, you can still place it in the official Steam Deck dock for when you need to recharge it. Satisfye says that its design redistributes the weight of the Steam Deck to your palms, and it’ll be available in two bundles. The first preorder option, which costs $60, is just for the Stylthgrip, while the $90 bundle throws in a StylthGrip hard cover, RYZE pad wave set of analogue sticks, and RYZE pad rubbers. Both editions come with a screen protector and tin case, and shipping will begin in September.

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