The link rot spreads: GIF-hosting site Gfycat shutting down Sept. 1

Array of GIFs on Gfycat website

Enlarge / A myriad of ways one might react to Gfycat’s closure, trending on Gfycat itself at the moment. (credit: Gfycat)

The internet continues to get a bit more fragmented and less accessible every week. Within the past seven days, Reddit finished its purge of third-party clients, Twitter required accounts to view tweets (temporarily or not), and Google News started pulling news articles from its Canadian results.

Now there’s one more to add: Gfycat, a place where users uploaded, created, and distributed GIFs of all sorts, is shutting down as of Sept. 1, according to a message on its homepage.

Users of the Snap-owned service are asked to “Please save or delete your Gfycat content.” “After September 1, 2023, all Gfycat content and data will be deleted from gfycat.com.”

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