FFXIV Endwalker’s Low-Poly Grapes Have Been Immortalised In Physical Merchandise

Final Fantasy XIV’s North American Fan Festival is taking place this July in Las Vegas, and the goody bag given to attendees has been announced with one very special piece of loot–a “squishable” toy of Endwalker’s infamous low-poly grapes.

While the grapes have since been patched to a more respectable grape-like shape, the meme lives on in the form of physical merchandise. “Relieve any lingering stress after hours of “farm parties” with these truly remarkable squishable Endwalker grapes. If you’re ever feeling a little low resolution, simply grab your squishable grapes and remember what once was,” the merch description reads.

Other goodies included for Fan Fest ticket holders includes a branded crossbody bag, a Loporrit-themed carrot pen, a keychain in the shape of Azem’s crystal, a Grebuloff magnet, and a 10th anniversary pin.

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