Fortnite Summer Escape Event Starts Today With A Ton Of Free Cosmetics

Every year, the Fortnite summer event becomes one of the game’s biggest and most beloved attractions, and this year’s Summer Escape event may result in more of that same fervor. With many free cosmetics to earn from event challenges, two new breezy skins coming to the shop, a bonus reward for Fortnite Crew members, and some island makeovers, here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Summer Escape.

Map change: Sunswoon Lagoon

In the thick of this season’s jungle biome, a new temporary party headquarters has cropped up. Sunswoon Lagoon will be present on the island until the event ends on July 18. While much of the season has been built on opening seemingly ancient vaults and introducing the Transformers to Forntite’s catch-all mythos, loopers look primed to take it easy for a few days.

Gameplay changes: Ice cream buffs and fireworks flare gun return

If you’ve participated in past summer events in Fortnite, you’re likely familiar with the ice cream cone items, a lineup of different flavors that grant heals and other buffs, like low-gravity jumping. The full freezer of flavors returns in the form of Normal Ice Cream Cone, Frozen Ice Cream Cone, Guzzling Ice Cream Cone, Spicy Ice Cream Cone, and LiL Whip’s Special Serve.

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