The Lara Croft Collection is a proper treat on Switch

The Lara Croft Collection has just landed on Switch, bringing together top-down arcade treats Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light and Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris. We decided to have a chat about these fascinating and playful parts of the Tomb Raider back catalogue.

Chris: Hello! I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk Tomb Raider with you, since it’s a series we both love, and these games that have just come out are a weirdly interesting entry point to them.

I see this series as sitting between the original trilogy that Crystal Dynamics did and then reboot trilogy, which I know you love – except for the last game. Anyway, starting off simply, are you a fan of this style of Tomb Raider? And how would you describe it? It feels like an arcadey, almost twin-stick take on a series which is generally a bit more cinematic, often a bit more willing to take its time with things?

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