Ark: Survival Ascended delayed to October, DLC no longer included at launch

Studio Wildcard’s less-than-elegant rollout of Ark: Survival Ascended, a full-price remaster of its 2015 dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved, continues with the news of a delay from August to October this year, and word it’ll now launch without its first bit of remastered DLC.

Ark: Survival Ascended has already had a bumpy start to life; the remaster first surfaced when Studio Wildcard announced it’d be taking Ark: Survival Evolved’s official servers offline later this year, and that the only way to continue using official servers would be to purchase its new Unreal Engine 5 remaster – only available as part of a bundle with the now-delayed Ark 2. Following an outcry from players, Studio Wildcard eventually announced it would scrap the bundle, instead replacing it with a standalone version of Ark: Survival Ascended that was – amazingly – exactly the same price, despite featuring one less game.

It’s in this context that Studio Wildcard has now announced a delay for Ascended, saying it has “found it challenging working with Unreal Engine 5.2”.

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