Fairphone 4—the repairable, sustainable smartphone—is coming to the US

Fairphone is a unique Android manufacturer; it offers a smartphone designed for repair, long software support times, and a selection of parts available online. The Dutch electronics manufacturer has mostly only focused on the European market and says, “When is Fairphone coming to the US?” is one of the most common questions it gets asked. Well, ask no more! The company is finally bringing the Fairphone 4 to the US—with some caveats.

Fairphone is launching a “US pilot” program to sell the Fairphone 4 in America in partnership with Murena, the primary developer behind the /e/ Android fork. Murena has been selling Fairphones in Europe for a while, and they come pre-loaded with the /e/ OS, instead of Fairphone’s build of Android, and now the US is getting the deal. The phone costs $599.

“We know based on feedback we have received that there are many people interested in Fairphone in the US.” Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens said in the press release. “However, currently our main focus is on the European market. This collaboration with e/OS/ is a great opportunity for us to pilot selling devices in the US market with a long-standing partner and learn more about the American market.”

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