Friday The 13th Devs Unlock Almost Everything For Players Ahead Of Delisting

With a fate worse than death planned for Jason Voorhees–delisting–developer Gun Interactive is leaving Friday the 13th: The Game fans with a final gift. All accounts will be maxed out to level 150 and will be granted almost every unlockable in the game.

As part of an effort to help reduce the dependence on database servers, players will gain all 30 Legendary Perks with the best roll possible and no negative effects, all unlockable kills in the base game, and all unlockable challenge skulls. DLC kills are the only exception here, but it’s worth noting that those packs are on sale for just $1 each right now before they’re delisted from storefronts. These changes will come into effect on July 6.

Friday the 13th: The Game will no longer be available to purchase either digitally or physically after December 31, 2023, as Gun Media’s license for the IP will expire on that date. Jason might yet rise again, as a new Friday the 13th game is reportedly in development, according to horror composer Harry Manfredini.

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