Payday 3 Has Revamped Special Enemies And New Gun Progression

Payday 3 will launch with new and revamped special enemy types, a new weapon customization and progression systems, as well as altered difficulty settings and smarter enemy AI.

In a dev diary with senior game designers Miodrag Kovačević and Jimmy Karlström, as well as lead gameplay programmer Martin Waern, new details about the game’s combat were revealed. Payday 3 will launch with four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Overkill. You will encounter every kind of enemy on every difficulty, as it was a priority for Starbreeze that content not be locked off on lower difficulty settings. Higher difficulties increase enemy numbers, accuracy, and damage. However, enemy health is consistent around all settings, making for a more even player experience.

As for enemy types, the most common enemies are SWAT and Heavy SWAT units. More uncommon enemies include Shield and Sniper units. Enemy tactics have received an upgrade, with the standard SWAT units positioning themselves around the shield as cover. The game also includes both new and returning special enemies.

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