Stranger Things Season 5 Clues Might Be Hidden In New Stage Show

While filming Season 5 of Netflix’s Stranger Things will be delayed due to the WGA strike, the world of the show is headed to the stage in a brand-new show. The official Twitter account of the show released a new teaser for the production that’s headed to London’s West End later this year–and it could have a tie-in to Season 5. The stage show, called The First Shadow, will be set in 1959 and feature a young Jim Hopper.

It’s unknown if any of the show’s stars will be part of the production, but it’s definitely a workaround since the show is on hiatus and wasn’t be coming out until 2025 at the earliest. Check out the bizarre trailer below.

The trailer showed the famous grandfather clock that spun counterclockwise, going to the past and flashbacked to some of the show’s famous moments. This was the same visual they used to count down to the Season 4 trailer as clocks are a repeated theme throughout the show. The First Shadow will be written by the Duffers and Stephen Daltry (The Hours) and directed by Stranger Things alum Kate Trefry.

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