The Lord of the Rings: Heroes Of Middle-earth Adds Three Key Fellowship Members To Playable Roster

A few familiar faces will soon be available in The Lord Of The Rings: Heroes Of Middle-earth, as EA and Capital Games are bringing three more members of the Fellowship Of The Ring to the playable roster.

Elven archer Legolas, the axe-wielding dwarf Gimli, and the powerful wizard Gandalf The Grey will all be introduced into the game throughout the month of July. The kill-counting elf/dwarf duo of Legolas and Gimli will be coming to the game “soon,” with Gandalf following later in the month.

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Each character is a powerful addition to the team separately–Legolas, for example, is the strongest attacker in the game. When grouped together, however, the three share special synergies that offer stat buffs and a unique Team Up Attack.

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