Don’t Expect A New Kid Icarus Game, Says Uprising And Smash Bros. Director

It’s been over a decade since Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the wait for another game in the franchise has no end in sight. So don’t expect to see Pit outside of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate anytime soon, according to Masahiro Sakurai.

Spotted by Eurogamer, Sakurai discussed the development of the 3DS exclusive on his YouTube channel. He directed and wrote Kid Icarus: Uprising, which released in 2012 and ended a 21-year drought for the franchise. Now, it’s been another 11 years without a new game, and Sakurai–who’s also directed the Smash Bros. series–has implied a new game starring Pit isn’t likely.

“It’s a shame [Kid Icarus: Uprising] only lived on 3DS, as I’d love to play on a bigger screen with smoother graphics, but without a team to work on it, crafting a follow-up seems difficult,” Sakurai said near the end of his latest video.

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