Friday the 13th: The Game developer bestows max power on all players ahead of shutdown

Friday the 13th: The Game’s days are regrettably numbered, but developer Gun Interactive is bidding it farewell in something like celebratory style, bestowing maximum power on all players for their maximum enjoyment (but also to alleviate some pressure on servers) as the game’s doomsday clock ticks down toward its closure at the end of next year.

Gun announced an end for Friday the 13th: The Game back in June, confirming the asymmetrical multiplayer horror would be pulled from stores on 31st December this year, the same day its Friday the 13th licence officially expires. There’s some small solace for owners, however, in that the studio has promised the game will remain playable through “at least” 31st December 2024.

And now, it’s announced some new measures that, while primarily designed to “reduce the dependence on database servers”, will also allow players to go about their merry slaughtering and killer-evading survival in chaotically maxed-out fashion.

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