Pokemon Sleep Sign-Ups Are Live, And A New Trailer Teaches You How To Sleep

We’ve seen fitness games, brain training games, and even cooking games, but The Pokemon Company’s next app, Pokemon Sleep, aims to turn sleep into a game, with pre-registrations now open on Android devices.

Pokemon Sleep is a sleep-tracking app which measures a player’s sleep pattern in one of three categories: Dozing, Sleeping, and Slumbering, with the type of sleep impacting which five Pokemon will join the main character Snorlax on a particular night. Each cycle lasts a week, with a new Snorlax appearing every Monday.

Each night, the app will assign a sleep score–with a perfect 100 score reserved for 8.5 hours of sleep or more–which will impact the types of Pokemon that join Snorlax the next night. Snorlax can also be fed berries gathered by other Pokemon during daytime hours.

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