Rainbow Six Siege Has Seen A 78% Drop In Mouse-And-Keyboard Users On Consoles

Rainbow Six Siege is continuing to take steps to combat cheaters and toxicity, and according to Ubisoft, many of the steps the developer has taken thus far are already working wonders.

In a blog post titled “Player Protection Updates – Year 8 and Beyond,” Ubisoft has detailed its continued efforts to reduce cheating and toxic behavior, something it calls as one of the top complaints for the shooter genre as a whole. Two of those efforts, the MouseTrap detection system and QB anti-cheat features, appear to be getting the job done.

MouseTrap is Ubisoft’s way of cracking down on console players who want to gain an unfair advantage by using a mouse-and-keyboard. The detection system launched on April 11, 2023, and Ubisoft has revealed that since the system’s introduction, there has been a 78% reduction in the number of mouse-and-keyboard users playing Rainbow Six Siege on console. The ranked playlist alone saw a reduction of 73%.

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