This Fortnite Creative Mode Is As Popular As Epic’s Own Modes–And Bigger Than The Game That Inspired It

Fortnite is usually considered a battle royale game first and foremost, but the recent arrival of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), or “Creative 2.0” to the fans, has ushered in a wave of new game modes and experiences that may signal the future of the game is less like PUBG and more like Roblox. Only Up Fortnite is the debut Creative project from a user simply named army. Based on Only Up, an indie released on Steam in May of this year, the third-person platformer asks players to climb an elaborate and vertically built obstacle course, where risky shortcuts are abundant and falling often means starting from scratch.

While Only Up currently enjoys 7,000+ “Mostly Positive” reviews on Steam and has become a rising hit among some popular streamers, concurrent player counts indicate that the Fortnite version is already much more popular. At time of writing, the original indie game has about 8,600 concurrent players. Fortnite’s version, in the middle of a Wednesday, has over 100,000 concurrent players according to in-game counts Epic recently added to the Creative menu.

That number doesn’t just tower over its inspirator. It’s also gaining on, and in some cases surpassing, Epic’s own modes. Party Royale, the combat-free hangout space where players tend to show off rare emotes and skins, has just 4,500 players currently playing, with another 9,000 players in Team Rumble, a favorite mode for players completing certain types of challenges or those looking for a lower-stakes version of the game’s usual PvP.

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