This Goldfish Is Better Than You’ll Ever Be At Elden Ring

Malenia is a name that still strikes fear into the hearts of many an Elden Ring player, but the legendary boss has met her match in the form of a plucky goldfish. Tortellini, under the guidance of Twitch streamer and YouTuber PointCrow, just managed to defeat the dreaded warrior in her first phase, seemingly without breaking a fishy sweat.

How is Tortellini capable of such a feat? According to PointCrow, a lot of coaching has helped Tortellini master the controls of Elden Ring, and depending on its position in the tank when it swims across controls mapped to the game, it’s able to take on Elden Ring bosses with aquatic grace. “Depending on where Tortellini is in the tank, he’ll press a button on a controller which will control Elden Ring,” PointCrow explained in a stream (via GamesRadar).

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