You can dine like it’s 2013 at New York’s Angry Birds cafe

To give you an idea how old Angry Birds is, it arrived on iOS, webOS and something called Maemo 5 (?) before it even came to Android, according to our 2010 review. Not only is it still around over 13 years later, but developer Rovio is being purchased by Sega for around $776 million. And on top of all that, Rovio is opening the first Angry Birds-themed restaurant on Friday (July 8th). Called “iSwii by Angry birds,” it’ll be located within the Food Court at Tangram’s new mall in Flushing, Queens, NY — ready to fling cakes, pastries and other treats into your mouth. 

Partnering with construction outfit SCG America, Rovio promises “endless culinary treats, bright visuals, newest Angry Birds Games and interactive technology.” Its decorated with “Instagrammable” NYC-themed statue installations outside the entrance, a ceiling mural, terrazzo counter and flooring that looks like dessert sprinkles. You’ll also see “nest-like wicker and hanging chairs, bird paradise graphic wall coverings, and tropical plants on the shelving units where hatchlings, the baby birds wander around.”

No menu was shown, but the press release mentions “yummy seasonal holiday cakes and pastries,” and the provided photo shows mostly deserts, candies and other sweets. It’s also hosting private parties in “nests” or “rooms that will offer Angry Birds VR games & treats, including customizable Angry Birds-themed gift bags for party goers. 

We’re not sure if people will embrace a restaurant based on a game that peaked around 2015 with the Angry Birds Movie. In any case, Sega’s purchase for three-quarters of a billion dollars shows the IP still has value, and the app has over 5 billion downloads to date — plus, the restaurant has a 2013 vibe that could make it a big nostalgia draw. 

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/new-york-is-getting-the-first-ever-angry-birds-cafe-130421618.html?src=rss


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