Dave The Diver’s Trajectory Means Everyone Will Be Playing It By End Of July, Maybe

It’s inevitable that we all will play Dave the Diver by the end of this month. Well, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but the adventure RPG has certainly made a huge splash on Steam since launching last month.

Circana video game analyst Mat Piscatella had some fun on Twitter pointing out the meteoric rise in Steam peak concurrent users for David the Diver. The game had a peak of over 78,000 players today at the time of publication, per Steam.

Dave the Diver comes from developer MintRocket and sees players exploring the sea during daylight hours. Then, when night comes, the game switches gears to managing a sushi restaurant. There are also roguelike elements to the title, too; if a player’s oxygen tank fully empties while underwater, they’ll lose caught fish and obtained resources.

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