Make Way offers fishtailing horror across a race track that you build as you go

Make Way reminds me of the time a friend fell down a flight of stairs while trying to show me a card trick. He was fine, I should say: fine at the start of it and mostly fine at the end of it. Merely flustered, mildly askew, as if he had encountered a bug he could not replicate.

He had just fanned the cards – I don’t know why we were standing at the top of a flight of stairs – and then his ankle wobbled. Down he went – still, somehow, mostly standing upright. My sense was of a polite, reserved person, a magician, steadily receding from view, and the air was suddenly alive with these tiny flickering shards of light. They were his cards, I guess, rapidly unfanned, glinting in the sun as they twisted to earth.

Not that Make Way is a game about cards or magicians. But it is a game about gravity and chaos and – in a manner of speaking – falling downstairs. It’s a top-down racer, a genre which is pretty much chaos already. Like Mashed, a bunch of you each choose a separate car, and try to race to the end of a treacherous track. Fall off the track or fall out of view of the camera and you’re out until the next checkpoint. The difference? The difference is in Make Way you also make the track that you drive on.

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