Microsoft starts selling replacement parts for Xbox gamepads

Modern gaming controllers are expensive, costing anywhere from $60 to $180, depending on the feature set. So it’s a huge bummer when one breaks and you have to shell out money for a replacement. Microsoft is taking a huge leap into the world of self-repair by offering replacement parts for Xbox gamepads, along with downloadable instructions and step-by-step tutorial videos, which should save gamers some cash in the long run. This program impacts standard Xbox Wireless Controller models and the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.

The Microsoft store offers replacement boards, sticks, buttons, covers and more, handling issues from stick drifting to stuck shoulder buttons and beyond. In the past, you’d have to replace the gamepad entirely or rely on risky third-party fixes. Prices range from $24 for button sets to $60 for a circuit board and motor assembly unit. You can even replace the vibration motor for $35. Additionally, replacement cases are available, but only in black and white.

The program is already live, according to product lead Brad Rossetti, so if you have any broken Xbox controllers laying about, now is the time to see about fixing them up. It also looks like Microsoft is allowing other retailers to sell these replacement parts, like self-repair gurus iFixit.

Microsoft isn’t the only gaming giant to recently allow DIY fixes. Sony’s DualSense Edge controller actually ships with replacement control stick modules, though the company doesn’t sell other parts via an online store. Nintendo doesn’t sell repair components for its controllers, but it’ll repair Joy-Cons for free when suffering from a case of dreaded Joy-Con drift.

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/microsoft-starts-selling-replacement-parts-for-xbox-gamepads-174023573.html?src=rss


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