What A “Heartbreaking” Crowdfunding Failure Revealed To Mattel’s WWE Team

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns for toy releases, it’s a bit of a gamble. Star Wars and Marvel fans have gotten some truly incredible items, like the massive Marvel Legends Galactus figure. However, these campaigns don’t always work. It’s a lesson Mattel is learning after facing the first crowdfunding failure on the company’s line of WWE toys.

Earlier this year, Mattel offered fans the chance to crowdfund a recreation of the WCW Monday Nitro stage, scaled to fit perfectly with the Elite and Ultimate lines of action figures. What’s more, a series of stretch goals were revealed, which would have given buyers a number of exclusive action figures, should the stage get fully funded by enough people. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Instead, the WCW stage campaign never met its initial crowdfunding goal, meaning it won’t be released. Fans have blamed several factors, from the downturn in the economy to the $400 price tag to even the unlockable tiers and figure selection.

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