Destiny 2 Update Finally Allows You To Use Sparrows In Solstice

A new update has gone live in Destiny 2, and with only a few days until the seasonal Solstice event ends, this patch is going to make navigating the European Aerial Zone a little easier. While the patch notes aren’t too extensive, the highlight here is that Sparrows have been enabled in the Bonfire Bash activity.

That’s right: You’ll be able to summon your hover-bike while dealing with Taken, Hive, Cabal, and Fallen in this activity, making the rush from various points on the map much more manageable. Of course there are aerial sections where you’ll need to ditch your Sparrow, but for the most part, zipping between battlefields where Heat Drinkers reside will help you light the Solstice bonfire much more quickly, and if maxed out, earn some great rewards in this event.

Related to Solstice, Bungie says that it has fixed a bug where not all expected activities on Neomuna were counting towards the Solstice Hot Seat challenge, and an issue where players were unable to finish the A Guardian in Shining Armor quest has also been addressed. Other tweaks include a UI fix where some Solstice items were missing from the Collections tab and an issue where the Lightfall tooltip wasn’t being mentioned in the current Season has been resolved.

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