Discord will now let you stream Xbox gameplay directly to servers and DMs

Streaming to Twitch is one thing, but sometimes you just want to share a new game (ahem Baldur’s Gate 3) or a big gameplay moment with your inner circle.

Building off its previous integration with Xbox, Discord announced today that users will now be able to stream Xbox games directly from the console to the chat app.

The new feature will be available via the Xbox Insider beta program right away, with a full release to follow. If you’re interested in Xbox streaming on Discord, it’s worthwhile to opt in as an Xbox Insider as it’s free to sign up and open to anyone.

If you’re signed up and ready to set up Discord streaming on Xbox, you’ll first need to connect your Discord account and your Xbox profile through the app’s “connections” menu in settings. Once the accounts are connected, you’ll be able to press the Xbox logo on a controller to pull up the “Parties and Chats” tab, select Discord and pick a server. From there, you’ll join a voice channel and pick the option to “stream your game.”

Premium Discord users who subscribe to Nitro will be able to beam Xbox gameplay in 1080p with higher framerates (presumably 60 fps). If you’d rather stream your game to a smaller group via a DM call or group DM, that’s possible too but you’ll need to initiate the stream from the call on the Discord app by choosing “transfer to Xbox.” The voice chat integration with Xbox that Discord added last year worked the same way.

The new feature deepens Discord’s relationship with Microsoft’s gaming console, but the app has made recent moves to build its relationship on the Sony side too. Earlier this year, Sony added support for Discord voice chat on the PS5. In a world where all gamers dream of fluid, unlimited cross-platform play, Discord is slowly but surely building some lines of communication.


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