Mattel Wants To Pay You $4,444 A Week To Be An Uno Influencer

If you love Uno and you don’t mind playing it on social media, Mattel might have the perfect job for you. The toy giant has posted a job listing for a “chief Uno player” who would promote its new Uno Quatro game by challenging strangers to play, as well as create and star in “social content for various Uno games.”

It also includes a salary of $4,444 a week for four weeks, which is nothing to sneeze at, especially since you’ll be working four days a week for four hours a day. (That’s a mouthful.) In order to apply for this prestigious position, Mattel is asking potential employees to make a TikTok that lists their best Uno memory, their best reverse card moment, their favorite version of Uno, and so on. Presumably, a familiarity with contemporary social media platforms like TikTok is definitely a plus.

The winner will play Uno at various locations in New York City, with a particular focus on playing Uno Quatro. They’ll be trusted with starring in livestreams, teaching strangers how to play the game, and creating all manner of Uno content. If you’re interested, make sure to submit your bid before 12:00 AM PT / 3 AM ET on August 11, as that’s the deadline.

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