Nintendo pulls ‘The Last of Us’ clone from its eShop following copyright claim

Any gaming company looking to copy a competitor’s hit might want to think twice. Nintendo’s The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival has officially been removed from the Switch e-shop due to its overt similarities to Naughty Dog’s hit, The Last of Us, Victoria Kennedy reported at Eurogamer. Sony (which owns Naughty Dog) issued a copyright claim against the game just over a month after its release, a move that has not only taken it off the market but also scrubbed YouTube of its trailer.

The Last Hope isn’t likely to be missed as the game didn’t exactly garner good reviews, with the Digital Foundry saying it was “the worst game we’ve ever tested” and Yahoo simply calling it “horrible-looking.” Widespread comparisons to The Last of Us were immediately made upon the game’s release, including the similarities between the high-quality Ellie and The Last Hope‘s blurry (but almost identically styled) Eva. Yeah, it really didn’t do itself any favors.

If, for some reason, you had a strong affinity for the game, it’s still available for anyone who previously downloaded it. Otherwise, a visit to its page on Nintendo’s e-shop will bring you an error message. If you had avoided the knockoff, well, this is the last time you ever have to think about it.

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/nintendo-pulls-the-last-of-us-clone-from-its-eshop-following-copyright-claim-092558958.html?src=rss


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