Remnant 2 has a secret class its developer deliberately hid for dataminers to find

Remnant 2 is doing alright for itself; not only has the Souls-esque shooter secured some extremely positive reviews, it’s also selling well too; and amid all the general positivity around the release, there’s a bit more fun news courtesy a whole new secret class that developer Gunfire Games squirrelled away for dataminers to find.

The class (or Archetype, in Remnant 2 parlance) in question is known as the Archon, and requires players to go through an extremely convoluted set of steps to unlock, ranging from activating skills and levelling specific Archetypes to equipping a whole lot of gear before hefting the whole lot to a very particular place.

The requirements, then, are not the kind of thing any really ever likely to stumble across by accident, with Gunfire Games instead having designed the Archon class to be something that could only be uncovered by data miners.

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