What the Golf’s Among Us collaboration comes to PC and Switch tomorrow

What the Golf – developer Triband’s extremely daft, but wonderfully entertaining golfing oddity – is gearing up for a busy few months. First up, its free Among Us collaboration is making the jump from Apple Arcade to PC and Switch tomorrow, 3rd August, then the game will be making its PlayStation debut “soon”, with more free content to follow.

What the Golf, if you’re unfamiliar, serves up a succession of dependably ludicrous golf-flavoured mini-games, all loosely themed around the notion of hitting things with club. The basic rules are re-jigged and re-written to increasingly improbably degrees with each new level – one stage might see your golf ball turned into an awkwardly rotating office chair, another might send you into space – and the end results is a ceaselessly surprising joy (even if you’re not much of a golf fan), that was one of our favourite games of 2019.

Since its original Apple Arcade release, What the Golf has jumped to PC and Switch, receiving various bits of free post-launch content along the way. One of those updates, the aforementioned Among Us collaboration, arrived this April as an Apple Arcade exclusive, but it new overworld and 35+ new levels come to Switch and PC tomorrow, 3rd August.

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