Apex Legends Season 18 launch date confirmed and a reworked Revenant is on the way

Apex Legends: Resurrection, the 18th season of the popular battle royale, will land on Tuesday 8th August. The biggest change coming to the game is the total re-work of the Synthetic Nightmare Revenant. Also, Broken Moon is being added to Mix Tape, the Charge Rifle gets some changes, and early Apex fans may be pleased to hear that Season 2’s Disruptor Rounds are coming back!

First thing’s first, let’s get the big one out of the way – the revamp of Revenant. If you’ve been playing this deadly Legend throughout season 17 you may have noticed that he’s beginning to act strangely, glitching and other out-of-character actions starting to come through. This is the start of the revamp of Apex’s Synthetic Nightmare.

It’s not a secret that the popularity of Revenant has dropped off in past seasons with their previous abilities not really keeping up with the fast paced combat laid out by the newer Legends.

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