Bungie Plans To Make Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Even More Irrelevant From Season 22 Onwards

Out of all the modes available in Destiny 2, Gambit currently appears to be the least-loved activity in the game. After a Witch Queen revamp last year, the PvPvE mode has largely remained the same and is mostly used as an outlet to check off challenges throughout a season in exchange for some quick experience points. Heading into Season 22, not much is changing here, but Bungie is aiming to make some updates to it when The Final Shape expansion launches.

These changes include porting the Cathedral of Scars map into mode and adding in new enemy types–Shadow Legion and Lucent Hive–to slightly shake Gambit up. The biggest change coming before The Final Shape will see Gambit turned into an entirely optional pursuit. Bungie says that Gambit will continue to serve as a source of Exotic engrams via weekly challenges, but starting in Season 22, all weekly challenges can be completed in any ritual. That means that you’ll be able to farm just Vanguard Ops or PvP to complete these challenges, leaving you room to ignore Gambit entirely if you want.

The number of Gambit-specific Seasonal Challenges starting in Season 22 are also being reduced, but this mode will still offer some gear that’s specific to it. Bungie added that it’ll be adding Fireteam Matchmaking to Gambit next Season, which will replace the Freelance node and should result in faster and better matchmaking by combining both Gambit playlists. Lastly, Season 22 will see a new Void Machine Gun available to earn exclusively in Gambit, so there’ll be at least one reason to visit the Drifter when the next season begins.

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