CoD: Warzone DMZ – How To Unlock Season 5 Rebreather, Extra Plates, And More Helpful Equipment

Call of Duty Season 5 is live in Warzone, and the big update adds new equipment and helpful bonuses to unlock as part of the Upgrades section of the DMZ menus. Here we guide you through getting all the new unlocks available, including extra armor plates, a Rebreather field upgrade, and a self-revive for solo queuing.

How to unlock Season 5 DMZ upgrades

If you’re new to DMZ, the menus can be a bit overwhelming and some of the useful unlocks can get overlooked. Before deploying into a match, check out the Mission Objectives tab next to the deploy option. This is where you’ll find the Upgrades menu for unlocking helpful bonuses.

Tab over to the new Equipment section of the Upgrades menu, and you’ll see a few different upgrades you can unlock.

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