Destiny 2 Is Finally Making It Easier To Unlock All Your Stasis Abilities From Season 22

Quality-of-life improvements have been a constant–and welcome–part of Destiny 2’s evolution over the last couple of years, and in Season 22, you can expect to see several upgrades introduced to the game. In a new blog post detailing the state of Destiny 2, Bungie outlined several of these smaller improvements that’ll be introduced next season, starting with a big change to how you’ll unlock your extra Stasis abilities.

You’ll no longer need to embark on lengthy quests to unlock all Aspects and Fragments of that Darkness subclass. According to Bungie, completing the Beyond Light campaign will enable you to acquire all available Stasis Aspects and Fragments from Elsie Bray on Europa starting next Season. Currently, there’s a limit to how Stasis is unlocked, as you’d have to do several lengthy bounties to earn the currency needed to purchase your desired Aspect or Fragment, a process that takes weeks of work per Guardian.

Finally, a resources tab.
Finally, a resources tab.

Bungie hasn’t detailed which resources you’ll need to complete your Stasis collection, but if the process is similar to how you purchase Light 3.0 Aspects and Fragments from Ikora Rey, you’ll probably be able to slip Elsie some Glimmer to get the goods.

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