Diablo IV Update Brings More Class And Boss Changes

Diablo IV, the third-biggest game of 2023, just got a shiny new update. In the patch notes, Blizzard makes it clear that it made these changes to help strengthen builds that weren’t reaching a “high power level” and diversify ways to use Legendary items.

Blizzard highlighted changes to Sorcerers and Barbarians, but it also patched Druids, Rogues, and Necromancers. It buffed “late-game survivability” for Sorcerers with Paragon Board improvements and made some adjustments to move away from “Kiss-Curse” effects, a.k.a. effects where players gain power in one area and lose power elsewhere. For Barbarians, it increased Fury generation on Basic Skills to speed up early-game combat and increased the power of Unique items for later in the game.

Blizzard also increased monster density for Nightmare Dungeons and Helltide, and health values for high-level boss monsters. Most notably, it adjusted the HP for all bosses level 60 or higher. Bosses Level 150 or higher boast the most dramatic difference at 150% increased health. The increases scale with levels, like only 50% increased health for bosses at Level 80.

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