Keychron’s first gaming keyboard is the customizable Lemokey L3

Keychron is one of the better-known names in the customizable keyboard space, but it hasn’t directly targeted gamers — until now, that is. The company has launched a gaming division, Lemokey, whose first product is the crowdfunded L3 keyboard. The full-length peripheral supports a 2.4GHz wireless connection with a responsive 1,000Hz polling rate, but the real attraction is a tough, customizable aluminum body that can reportedly survive the rigors of competitive gaming.

You can choose from three different keycap color schemes, remap any key and create macros for both any key command layer as well as a dedicated macro column. You can easily remove and replace components to tailor them to your liking. The Lemokey L3 can pair with up to three devices over Bluetooth 5.1, but there’s also a wired option if low latency is your main priority.

The company currently expects to deliver the Lemokey L3 in October. You need to pledge at least $189 for the barebones kit (no caps or switches), but you’ll more realistically want to commit $209 for a fully assembled version. The project has already met its funding goals.

The L3 won’t be appealing if you prefer 60 percent keyboards or are otherwise more interested in space saving than a compact footprint. This won’t necessarily appeal to top-tier esports players, either, as they may insist on a wired link or use a favorite design. For many other gamers, though, Lemokey’s offering might strike a balance between personalization and performance.

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