Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Gets Rare Discount At Amazon

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is on sale for $64 at Amazon. Though that probably sounds like a small discount (retail price is $70), it’s worth noting it’s exceedingly rare to find the controller for less than its MSRP. It was on sale for $62 around Prime Day 2023, and it sold out very quickly.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller released alongside the console in March 2017, but it’s still one of the best controllers on the market. It ticks all the right boxes for its design, which features an attractive translucent shell that shows off the internal hardware, an absurdly strong battery life, and a wonderfully ergonomic design that makes this feel like a premium extra for your Switch.

It also supports near-field communication for Nintendo Amiibo figures, offers HD rumble, and has built-in motion controls. Even if you don’t have a Switch, this controller will work great on PC via Bluetooth or with the included USB-C cable.

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