Raspberry Pi availability is visibly improving after years of shortages

Pis at the factory.

Enlarge / Pis at the factory. (credit: Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton has been saying for months that 2023 would be a “recovery year” for Raspberry Pi supply—the single-board computer, once known for its easy availability and affordability, has been hit with supply shortages for years. Hundreds of thousands of Pi boards were still being manufactured every month, but many were going to commercial buyers rather than retailers and end users.

More recently, those manufacturing numbers have climbed from 400,000 monthly units to 600,000 to 800,000 to 1 million, a level that Upton says can be sustained “for as long as is necessary to clear our remaining customer backlogs and return to free availability.”

We’re now seeing very early signs that supply is returning to normal, at least for some Pi models. UK-based Pi reseller Pimoroni announced today that it was lifting some purchase limitations on 2GB and 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 boards and Pi Zero W boards (not, apparently, the more recent Pi Zero 2 W). The rpilocator stock tracker account has also noted that its number of automated stock alerts has decreased recently “because Pis are staying in stock longer,” noting that Pimoroni and The Pi Hut had (and still have) multiple Pi 4 variants in stock.

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