The Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance Studios lays off 32 employees

Striking Distance Studios, the developer behind last year’s sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol, has laid off 32 employees amid efforts to “realign the studio’s priorities”.

In a statement provided to IGN, the developer wrote, “Striking Distance Studios and [publisher] Krafton have implemented strategic changes that realign the studio’s priorities to better position its current and future projects for success. Unfortunately, these changes have impacted 32 employees. Honouring the invaluable contributions of each departing team member with material support in the form of outplacement services and meaningful severance packages is our top priority during this difficult moment.”

As reported by VGC, a number of affected employees began publically discussing the layoffs on social media prior to Striking Distance’s official announcement. These included associate level designer Thomas Catalano, VFX artist Matt Christopherson, associate producer Nora Falcon, level design assistant Justin Fields, production coordinator Sebastian Marlow, and senior environment artist Matthew Smith.

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