The Sonos Move 2 will reportedly offer stereo audio and 24-hour battery life

The original Sonos Move stood out as one of the few fully connected portable speakers when it debuted in 2019, but technology has moved on since then — and so, apparently, has Sonos. The Vergeclaims to have leaked details of a Move 2 speaker that promises major upgrades to the outdoor-friendly device. Most notably, it should upgrade from mono to stereo sound. If you thought the first version didn’t sound as good as conventional speakers, you may be happier this time.

The new speaker’s battery life reportedly leaps from 10 hours on the Move to a full 24 hours of playback You could easily host an all-day party without plugging in. The power pack is said to still be replaceable, and reduced idle power consumption could make it easier to use the speaker over the course of a weekend.

There will reportedly be smaller but still useful upgrades. Like the Roam, the Move 2 will let you share Bluetooth audio across the home. Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 6 support will also help the speaker keep up with modern devices. You’ll need a USB-C adapter (as with the Era 100) for line-in audio, but the same port can also charge your phone during a camping trip. The IP56 dust and water resistance hasn’t changed, but that’s still good enough to survive the rain or a windy day.

Other touches may include revised controls, a mic cutoff switch and a detachable power adapter on the base station. You can’t use Google Assistant for obvious reasons, but Alexa and Sonos’ own voice controls would be available.

Sonos is said to be launching the Move 2 at the end of September for $449, or $50 more than its predecessor. That makes it as expensive as the spatial audio-capable Era 300. As before, though, the portability might justify the premium. You’re buying a speaker that can be useful in both your living room and the backyard, saving you the trouble of getting two devices as long as you’re willing to haul a speaker around. 

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