Wayfinder Co-Op, Cross-Play, And Cross-Saves Explained

If you’re looking to play Airship Syndicate’s new shared-world title Wayfinder, you’ve likely got some questions regarding its cross-play and cross-save functionality. Whether you’re playing with friends or going it alone, you’ll want to be sure you know what to expect when logging in, and we’ve got you covered on all of that information below.

Wayfinder co-op team size

Wayfinder is a shared-world game that is extremely similar to an MMO. As such, it is fully playable with friends and strangers alike in groups of up to three players. You can set out on adventures together, tackle dangerous dungeons to earn loot, or simply hang out and shoot the breeze in Skylight, the game’s central hub for socialization, crafting, and much more. Don’t worry, though–while you’ll be certain to have plenty of opportunities to hook up with other players, cooperative play is not required for most content, so you’ll be free to play alone if you prefer.

Does Wayfinder have cross-play?

Wayfinder will support cross-play as soon as its Early Access period begins later this month. However, that access is only available for those who purchase a Founder’s Pack, which we’ve detailed further down in this article.

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