Where’s our Baldur’s Gate 3 review?

After a whopping two years, nine months, and a few weeks, Larian’s Dungeons and Dragons-fuelled epic Baldur’s Gate 3 finally leaves Early Access today on PC – but we won’t have a review for you on Eurogamer just yet.

Why? Well, the embargo has just lifted but, simply put, we just haven’t had enough time to play it – not the full version 1.0, at least. Our review code arrived just a couple of days ago and this game, as you might have heard, is massive. We want to do it justice with a thorough look – within reason – so we need quite a bit more time (and frankly, we wouldn’t be able to get through even regular-sized RPGs in that time anyway).

How much more time we’ll take is… a good question. To play it safe we can say it definitely won’t be any sooner than a week from now, and there’s a chance it may take a fair bit longer. We want to balance giving our lovely readers an idea of what we think as soon as possible, with giving the game as fair a shake as possible too. If a full review ends up looking like a very long way off, we’ll get you some in-progress impressions of the 1.0 version.

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