Call of Duty is publicly shaming cheaters in the kill feed

Call of Duty cheaters are now being named and shamed in real-time when they’re kicked out of a game. The latest season of CoD: Modern Warfare II and CoD: Warzone season five went live this week, and the update includes an addition to the Ricochet anti-cheat system.

When Ricochet detects and removes a “problem player,” the game will notify everyone in the match of such an occurrence right in the kill feed. That will let all players know for sure that they’ve been dealing with a cheater and also that Activision’s systems were able to spot that person and boot them from the game.

It’s not super novel for a game to tell players that someone has been kicked out for cheating. I recently played some BattleBit Remastered — a fun, low-poly riff on the Battlefield series — and the game notified me whenever a cheater was banned.

Still, this is a welcome update from Team Ricochet, which has been trying all kinds of tactics to mess with cheaters and to try and catch suspected hackers out. Over the last couple of years, Call of Duty has made cheaters unable to see enemies and taken their guns away. More recently, Team Ricochet has been deploying clones of real players against detected and suspected cheaters. If a potential hacker interacts with one of these clones, they’ll make it obvious that they’re cheating.

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